2020 Cedarbrook Bylaw change proposal

This past summer, the Board was approached by current members of Cedarbrook with a proposal to amend our by-laws. The proposal is to include the small neighborhood of Ken-Gar within Cedarbrook’s boundaries. After lengthy discussions, the Board concluded that the proposed amendment would be brought to membership for a vote. The official voting procedures are detailed below, but first please review the specifics of the proposal and the details of its potential ratification.

To increase the boundaries of Cedarbrook’s catchment area to include the neighborhood of Ken-Gar and Brainard and Warfield Streets

Adapting its name due to its proximity to both Kensington and Garrett Park, the Ken-Gar neighborhood was established in 1892 by former slaves. Much like most of Montgomery County, the historically Black neighborhood’s demographics have changed over the years, but its historical significance has not. Over its 128 year history, residents have endured eras of segregation and exclusion. As local pools were established in the 1950s, none included Ken-Gar in its boundaries.

Today, Ken-Gar is a fully integrated part of our greater community but it remains outside of all local pool boundaries. Children of Ken-Gar’s 124 households attend Cedarbrook’s neighborhood elementary school, Kensington Parkwood, and it lies just over a half mile from the pool. We are fortunate to live in a time and community where old lines have been erased and many are even unaware that they existed at all. It is in the spirit of further promoting that inclusive environment and expanding Cedarbrook’s diversity that the amendment is proposed.


  • Cedarbrook’s current catchment area includes over 2500 households
  • The proposal would add 124 households to the catchment area
  • Any households applying for membership will follow established protocols (current waitlist order will be unaffected)
  • See the  link below with a map for existing boundary lines and the proposed change

By-law Requirements for Proposed Amendments:

  • Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws shall be by a 2/3 vote of the membership in good standing and voting.
  • Notice and ballots on any Constitutional and By-Laws question shall be provided no less than four (4) weeks prior to the date set for counting the votes by the Board of Directors.
  • Two (2) members from each of the membership are as identified in Article V of the Constitution shall be entitled to observe the counting of the votes.
  • A meeting of the membership shall be scheduled by the Board of Directors not less than two (2) weeks prior to the date set for counting the votes to discuss the proposed changes to the Constitution and By-Laws.

Voting Timeline:

  • 11/20- Email notification of proposed amendment
  • 11/21- Online Ballots emailed to the member household’s primary email address
  • 12/3- Virtual member meeting for discussion (see below for Zoom details)
  • 12/15- Voting closes
  • 12/19- Votes counted via Zoom meeting
To join the member meeting on December 3 at 7:30PM for questions or information, see Zoom details below:
Topic: Ken-Gar Inclusion Bylaw Change Member Meeting
Time: Dec 3, 2020 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)