Please help take care of our courts by following the tennis court rules as outlined by the club.

***Please note when reserving courts—the court near the gazebo is Court 1, followed by Courts 2 and 3, and the far court is Court 4.***

***Click here for more information on reserving courts online.***

Tennis Rules & Guidelines

  • You must only wear shoes designated for use on tennis courts (no marking shoes).
  • The courts are very busy! Check sign up sheet for most current information and to reserve your court. Reservations are only allowed one week in advance.
  • Please sign your tennis guests in at all times. A sign-in sheet is located in the tennis gazebo for your convenience.
  • When club members reserve a court and then realize they cannot use that court, they should cross off their name off.
  • When a court is reserved, the person reserving it has 15 minutes from the start time to begin hitting on that court.  After the 15 minutes is up, someone else can take that court.
  • Anyone (3 years and up) using the pool, basketball court, and tennis courts who is not a Club member will be charged the standard $6 guest fee. This includes anyone coming to the Club for lessons. All guests must be accompanied by one or more Cedarbrook members.
  • Doug Sokol is Cedarbrook’s Director of Tennis. He can be reached at if you would like to sign up or have any questions about the tennis program or classes.
  • Courts will be reserved for lessons. However, every effort will be made to keep at least one court open for member play.
  • Contact Doug if you would like to reserve the ball machine.

Tennis Keys & Off-Season Use of Tennis Courts

  • During the off-season and hours when the pool is not open, the cost is $60 per year and is limited to full members only.
  • To request access after April 2, 2023, please log into your account, go to “Make a Payment“, select back gate access, then email once you have made your payment.
  • Members with gate access must lock the gate tightly upon leaving the grounds. Other members should respect this rule and leave when the member with access is ready to leave.