UPDATE:  We have filled all full memberships & full summer admissions for the 2023 Season.  If you are on the waitlist, you received an email with your updated waitlist number.   We will not update that number until the end of May 2024.

Welcome to our Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions Page

1.  How do I join the waitlist?

 You can visit our Waitlist Information Page and submit your request with your $100 deposit (plus processing fees).   Before you do so, ensure you meet the membership requirement; homeownership within the Cedarbrook Boundary Map.   If you do not meet the criteria, your funds will be returned to you minus the processing fees.

2. Will my waitlist request be confirmed?

Upon validation of your request (within boundaries and homeownership), you will be contacted by the membership committee to verify your waitlist number on the waitlist.  If you do not hear from the membership committee, please get in touch with them at cedarbrookmembership@gmail.com.

3.  How long will I be on the waitlist?

The average waitlist time is 3-5 years.   Currently, our waitlist has 271 potential new members on the list. The invitations for members are based on membership cancellations and members that move to emeritus status (+35 years of membership).  On average, we invite 40 new families a year to join, as we have a cap of 420 memberships (which include singles, couples & families).   We typically make offers through numbers 60-80 on the waitlist, as some waitlist applicants that receive offers decide to cancel or defer.

4.  When will I receive my updated waitlist number?

The waitlist numbers are updated at the end of May/early June.  We do not renumber the waitlist until the full membership offers are complete.  Each applicant on the waitlist will receive an email from the membership team in May with an updated waitlist number.   The number you were provided in May of the prior season or the current off-season (if you joined the waitlist during the current off-season) remains the same, as individuals do not typically cancel or remove themselves from the waitlist until they receive a membership offer.   The volunteer membership committee is very busy during the membership renewal and offering season (February-April).  The volunteer membership committee cannot update waitlist applicants’ status, as their number has not changed.

5.  When will I receive my offer if I am on the waitlist?

We begin offering full memberships at the end of March and work our way down the waitlist.  We will not fully see all prior membership cancellations until April 2nd.  Once offered a full membership, you have two weeks to accept and two weeks to pay the initiation and annual fees upon acceptance. We would appreciate any families interested in deferral or cancellation; let us know as soon as possible, so your volunteer membership committee can offer the position to the next applicant on the waitlist.

6.  Can I split my initiation and annual fee into two payments?

Unfortunately, no.  Potential members are expected to pay the current initiation fee ($1250) and annual membership fee in full (annual fees).  Please anticipate the total fee if you are number 80 or lower in May of the prior year.  You can pay your initiation and annual fees online (with a transactional fee) or by check upon accepting your membership.

7. Can I defer a full membership offer?

Yes, the first deferral is free, and the second is $150.  If you have questions about deferrals, please get in touch with the membership team at cedarbrookmembership@gmail.com.  If you defer, it is not a guarantee that you will receive an offer of membership for the next year  The number of offers each year depend on the number of membership cancellations and members that move to emeritus status (+35 years of membership).

8.  What about summer admission?

The membership committee may offer a limited number of summer admissions to waitlist families that were not offered membership each year.  If you were offered a full membership and deferred, you would not be invited for summer admission.   Summer admission families are eligible to participate in the swim team, have a different guest access cost, and do not have access to the Back Gate Key.  Being offered a summer admission in the prior year does not guarantee another summer admission offer for the next season.

9.  What about a half-season admission (end of July to Labor Day)?

The membership committee may offer a limited number of half-season admissions to waitlist families. If you were offered a full membership and deferred, you may be offered half-season access, depending upon availability.  When you decline, please express your interest in access. If you are on the waitlist, you will be notified if you are eligible in the May/June timeframe. Being offered a half-season admission in the prior year does not guarantee another half-season admission offer for the next season.

10.  Can I be a tennis court-only member while on the waitlist?

No.  Our courts-only memberships are available only to members of 15 years or longer who would like to relinquish full membership and no longer wish to have pool access.