Registration for 2024 Swim Lessons is OPEN!!


You must review the Group Swim Lesson–Ability Descriptions below so you know which group to select for your swimmer during registration!

Selecting the correct group will help us plan and staff lessons so they are of the most benefit to your swimmer

Swim Lessons – Basic Info

—Lesson are geared for children ages 3 years and older. Children must be tall enough to stand in the shallow end of the pool (water depth is 3ft).

—Each small group is divided into specific skill levels and progresses through objectives and goals based on these skill levels.

—The goal is to master the required skill at one level before moving to the next level.  Group descriptions can be found below.

—Each session is 30 minutes in length.

—Lessons are held Mondays through Thursday with the exception of Week 3 (No lessons on Thursday, July 4th, that week).  See Schedule below for times.  

*There will be no lessons on Fridays* 

2024 Schedule

GROUP 1 — Week 1, 10:45 slot

GROUP 2 — Week 1, 11:20 slot

Week I: June 17 – June 20 (10:45-11:15  or  11:20-11:50)  

Week II: June 24 – June 27 (10:45-11:15  or  11:20-11:50)  
Week III: July 1-3* (10:45-11:15  or  11:20-11:50)     *No class July 4th
Week IV: July 8- July 11 (10:45-11:15  or  11:20-11:50

2024 Rates

Members — $85 per child

Non-members — $115 per child

***Week III prorated for July 4 holiday  $63.50/$86.25***


GROUP 1: PRE-BEGINNER: Child must be comfortable taking the class without the parent in the pool.  This group introduces play and safety in the Cove area of the big pool. 

—GOALS: Put face in water. Learn water safety in the Cove area: where they can’t and can stand.  Introduce the stomach and back float. 

GROUP 2: BEGINNER: Child is comfortable playing in the Cove area and can put face in the water.  Beginning to stomach float and is attempting to go under water during play. 

—GOALS: Learns the stomach and back float. Dives for toys. Uses arms (beginner freestyle) to  move through water and kick feet. Can play in the Cove safely in areas they can stand in. 

GROUP 3: ADVANCED BEGINNER: Child enjoys going under water and playing comfortably in water  they can stand in. Beginning to stroke and move across the water. Can bob on the bottom and is ready  to begin to learn to swim in water they can’t stand in. 

—GOALS: Child becomes more water safe. Learns beginner freestyle and backstroke. Begins to  tread water. Can bob in water and get to the side of the pool. Floats on back very easily for  survival skills.  

GROUP 4: PRE-SWIMMER: Child can swim beginner freestyle and some backstroke and is comfortable in  the shallow areas of the big pool. 

—GOALS: Child builds strength and confidence. Will swim back and forth from wall to the flags.  Masters treading water, back float, and begins to swim in the deep end. 

GROUP 5: SWIMMER: Perfect for pre-Kitty Hawk team. Child can swim beginner freestyle and  backstroke and is comfortable in all areas of the big pool.  

—GOALS: Child learns to swim the full length of the pool using proper stroke technique and tread  water for 30 seconds in deep end. Child will gain endurance, strength and improve technique.  Child will also be introduced to breaststroke, butterfly and learn the racing dive off the side of  the pool in the deep end. 

GROUP 6: STROKE DEVELOPMENT AND ENDURANCE: For the swimmer of all ages and swim team  members who want to improve their skills and gain strength. Can swim a full length of the pool  freestyle and backstroke without stopping. Great for swim team members who want to focus on a  different stroke skill each day of the week including dives and turns. 

GOALS: Improve stroke technique and hone racing skills. Each day will be focused on a different  skill.


*Once lessons begin, swimmers may be moved to a group that suits them better.

*There will be a group that is for young swimmers who aren’t quite ready for Kitty Hawks and need one more year to gain confidence and endurance.

*You may not receive the time of your choice as we are trying to keep the numbers even for both time slots

*Groups will be e-mailed before each session.

*No refunds after June 1, 2024.

Please email with any questions