Please refer to the Rules for all procedures and requirements related to Guests.

Full Members who bring guests to the pool, basketball court, or tennis courts will be charged a non-refundable guest fee of $6/day, regardless of age, unless a higher fee is announced for special events. To determine if you are eligible to bring a guest, please review the Rules and the summary chart below:

 Under 13 Years Old  Cannot bring guests unless an adult member of the family is present
 Age 13-15    Can bring a maximum of 3 guest per day; guests must be at least 10 years old*
 Age 16-17    Can bring a maximum of 6 guests** per day; guests must be at least 10 years old*
 Ages 18 and Up   Can bring a maximum of 6 guests** per day
* Guests under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult Member.
** Bringing 6 or more guests in one day qualifies as a Party and is subject to the Party procedures: Party Requests Reservations
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Members are required to register their Guests. Pool guests must be registered at the front desk of the bathhouse prior to entry. Basketball and Tennis court guests must be registered using the notebooks located in the Gazebo prior to using the courts. Please note that the Guest procedures do not apply to individuals participating in the Tennis League who are not Cedarbrook Members during League events only; the procedures DO apply to League participants who are non-Members of Cedarbrook using Cedarbrook facilities outside of League events. Unregistered guests on the courts will be considered trespassers. Members found to have brought guests to the pool or courts without identifying and registering them as guests so that the appropriate fee can be charged may have their Membership privileges suspended or terminated.
Parties are great fun for birthdays, class parties, cookouts, etc. Bringing 6 or more guests to Cedarbrook on any one day constitutes a Party. Parties are allowed at the pool with the permission of the Pool Manager. All Parties must be registered in advance. Unscheduled parties can disrupt normal pool operations and can create a shortage of lifeguards. If you would like to host a Party, please refer to the Rules and the Party Request Reservations.